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Welcome to the Business and Faith blog. Here you can find information about blogging, SEO, tech topics and how to make money online. The blog also contain information about how to live out your faith in the business and blogging world, and teaching on how to lead yourself and others in a good way.

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God should have all the glory - Lesson from 2 Samuel 24.The Bible is filled with interesting passages, and one example of such a passage can be found in 2 Samuel 24. There is much to learn in this passage, but first of all I believe that God is teaching David a lesson about glory.
Small changes may have big consequences!Happy new year everyone, and hope you will enjoy my first blog post in 2014! This year I did not have any resolutions for the new year really, except from maybe drinking less Coke in 2014. Earlier today I worked with one of my blogs and opened it on my mobile phone.
Busy like Saul: No time to wait for Samuel to arrive! Lesson from 1 Samuel 13.God is so merciful and graceful that he teaches me things that I so much need to learn and to hear. He does not reveal his word to perfect vessels, but to incomplete people, just like me. And that is what he did again last time as I read 1 Samuel 13. It was a hole-in-one! I read 1 Samuel 13.
New Page Rank updateA while back I wrote an article about the fact that I believe Page Rank is becoming less and less important, and I also said that based on something Matt Cutts said, that it would probably be not any new Page Rank updates in 2013.
You bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.The Bible is an amazing book, and it has the power to bring life to textst that you have read several times before. That is why we need to constantly eat Gods Word, because it has a constant power to encourage, inspire, rebuke, give direction and be a guidebook for our lives.

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